Jared e Sandra Rompem Noivado?

Olha eu tendo que bancar o Nelson Rubens hahahaah, pois é, parece que o boato de que Jared e Sandra haviam rompido o noivado é verdade (mais ainda nenhum dos dois se pronunciou sobre o assunto, portanto ainda não passa de boato)

O que aconteceu é que Sandra supostamente havia enviado um email para a webmaster do site dela dizendo:

“Dear Lena,
It is true. Jared and I are no longer engaged. I did not want this information to have to come from me, but I felt it was necessary to confirm it in order to protect Jared from being asked questions about it this weekend in Dallas. Contrary to what you may have heard/read, our split was not caused by any fowl play on either of our parts, we simply decided that it was not the right time for us. We still love eachother very much, but we want different things in life, and it’s a simple as that. Please know that it is extremely difficult for me to write this, and I can only imagine how hard it would be for Jared to have to talk about it in front of hundreds of fans. So I am answering the questions now with the hope that no one will make Jared have to speak about it publicly. Your support past, present, and future is very much appreciated.

Thank you for everything, Sandra”

Agora é esperar pra ver se um dos dois confirma isso. Espero que seja apenas boato mesmo.

Fonte:Sandra Mccoy Fans

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  1. ho mas ke pena ! mas preçiam tao felizes !! mas deixa pra lá ele continua lá na serie pra nos !! adoro o blog !!

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